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Students taking Art History will engage in learning experiences that encompass art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.  Art History will begin as a chronological survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture as they reflect the cultures in which they are produced.  Students will use technology to learn about and create historically relevant documents, presentations, and visual images.  Students do not need to be proficient at producing art in order to be successful in this course.

Art History

Projects & Concepts
What Makes Good Art?


Students will learn to view and critique art, and determine what makes a piece successful or aesthetically pleasing.

Art History Research Poster


Students will research their favorite artist or work of art and create a poster about the history of the artist or artwork. Their poster may be created on poster board or in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Design a Game: Art History Edition

In groups, students will create a board game or game show about an art history movement, including the game board, pieces, cards, game box and instructions.

Art History Timeline

Each student will create a timeline in chronological order of movements, significant works of art and key artists throughout history.

Artist Gifts


Students will create 5 pieces that they would give to an artist as gifts, which are both handmade and relevent to the artist.

Art History Collection

Individually, students will compile a collection containing important resources for art history information, such as videos, articles, photos, etc.

Controversial Art


Students will research a controversial art topic, person or event, and report on their findings in a PowerPoint presentation.

Interview an Artist


Students will choose an artist, then write out and "interview" that artist.

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