Ceramics &

Sculpture 2

Projects & Concepts

Caleb James

Empty Bowls

Wheel thrown stoneware clay

Empty Bowls


Students will use mass/volume and color to explore emphasis and balance to create artworks to support the annual Columbus Empty Bowls Fundraiser.  

Human Connections​

Students will use color & light to explore repetition, unity & variety to create artworks inspired by human connections. 

Madison Leatherwood

Vessel of Hope

Hand-built earthenware clay



Students will use line, texture, and form to explore balance and unity to create a unique artwork inspired by man-made structures.

Savannah Root


Hand-built stoneware clay

Ancient Civilizations

Students will use space, volume and mass to explore proportion and balance to create a unique artwork inspired by ancient civilizations. 

Jada Meyer

Coil Vessel

Hand-built stoneware clay

Resources & Tutorials

Columbus North High School Art Department

1400 25th Street, Columbus, IN 47201



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