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Ceramics & Sculpture 2 is for those students who are interested in furthering their knowledge, creativity and tactile ability with clay forms. The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade of "C" or better  in Ceramics 1. Ceramics 2 will involve and demand a higher level of achievement and responsibility. Student's will continue to enhance their handbuilding skills with various Ceramic techniques. Project responsibility and choice will be directed by the instructor. Students will create quality sculptures and study issues concerning sculpting including design, art history, art criticism, and production.

In addition, students will create realistic and abstract sculptures using materials such as wood, foam board, wire and patinas. Students will think about the meaning of their work including its connection to art history. 

Ceramics & Sculpture 2


Projects & Concepts
Layered Shape Vessel - Shape & Rhythm


Students will create a vessel by layering a repeated shape. The finished piece should show rhythm.

Coil Form - Texture & Movement

Students will create a textured form using the coil method. The goal is to show movement in the finished piece.

Sculptural Ceramic - Form & Proportion


Students will create a sculpture from clay that shows both form and proportion.

Cubism Inspired Mosaic - Shape & Color

Students will create multiple ceramic fragments that will be combined to create a mosaic design that shows both shape and color.

Large Series Printmaking - Repetition & Rhythm


Students will carve a linoleum block which will be used to create a series of prints that show repetition and rhythm.