Ceramics 3


Students in Ceramics 3 explore clay, decorative techniques, printmaking and sculptural form more in-depth than students in Ceramics 1 & 2. Everything from making clay to firing the kilns will be explored and experienced. Students learn a variety of advanced decorative techniques for finishing their artwork. Students are challenged to utilize their previous knowledge, skills, and new learning when developing personal responses to artistic challenges.

The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade of "C" or better in Ceramics 2.

Projects & Concepts
Nature Inspired Clay Tiles


To create a nature inspired clay tile mosaic focusing on texture, balance, and unity

Response to Painting- Abstract Sculpture

Students will create an abstract clay sculpture using the additive method by focusing on line, shape, and balance.

Introduction to Potter's Wheel


Students will learn the basics of wheel throwing and create six finished pieces.

Decoration Experiments- Wax-Resist, Subtractive Method, Slip Trailing

Students will create five decorated clay vessels that show knowledge of subtractive method, slip trailing technique, and wax-resist technique.

Historical Sgraffito 


Students will create a historical coil vessel with sgraffito design technique that shows line and unity.

Independent Study- Handbuilding/Potter's Wheel

Students will create and design their own projects to further knowledge and skills in a specific area of interest.

Columbus North High School Art Department

1400 25th Street, Columbus, IN 47201



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