Ceramics &

Sculpture 3


Projects & Concepts

Artworld Exploration - Understanding Artworlds 

Students will explore a variety of historic and contemporary artworks from around the world. 

Personal Aesthetic Exploration 

Students will explore personal preferences to create vision pages that reflect a personal aesthetic.

Action Figures: Figurative Ceramic


Students will use form and texture to explore scale/proportion to create a unique artwork inspired by human and/or animal figures that demonstrate movement.  

Katherine Redding

Figure Sculpture

Hand-built stoneware clay

Nonomura Ninsei

Tea Leaf Jar

Edo Period

MOA Museum, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan

Marking Change: Advanced Decorative Techniques


Students will explore six advanced decorative techniques using line, texture, and space to create rhythm & repetition. Students will create and decorate a set of three functional pottery pieces inspired by the concept of change.   

Mary Huynh


Reductive Linocut Print

Meaningful Mantras: Advanced Printmaking


Students will use line and space to explore unity/variety in an edition of prints inspired by a mantra or a personally important message.

Rhythm & Cycles: Alternative & Mixed Media Sculpture


Students will use volume and mass to explore rhythm & repetition in occupied and unoccupied space to create unity in an artwork inspired by the idea of cycles.

Haley Shelton


Mixed Media Sculpture

Zhibek Nurtaza


Graffiti Relief Sculpture

Personal Choice: Investigation & Creation 


Students will use personally selected elements & principles of art, techniques & processes to design and create an artwork inspired by a topic of their own choosing.

Columbus North High School Art Department

1400 25th Street, Columbus, IN 47201



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