Ceramics &

Sculpture 3


Students in Ceramics 3 explore clay, decorative techniques, printmaking and sculptural form more in-depth than students in Ceramics 1 & 2. Everything from making clay to firing the kilns will be explored and experienced. Students learn a variety of advanced decorative techniques for finishing their artwork. Students are challenged to utilize their previous knowledge, skills, and new learning when developing personal responses to artistic challenges.

The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade of "C" or better in Ceramics 2.

Ceramic Vase

Projects & Concepts

Artworld Exploration - Understanding Artworlds 

Students will explore a variety of historic and contemporary artworks from around the world. 

Personal Aesthetic Exploration 

Students will explore personal preferences to create vision pages that reflect a personal aesthetic.

Action Figures: Figurative Ceramic


Students will use form and texture to explore scale/proportion to create a unique artwork inspired by human and/or animal figures that demonstrate movement.  

Katherine Redding

Figure Sculpture

Hand-built stoneware clay

Nonomura Ninsei

Tea Leaf Jar

Edo Period

MOA Museum, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan

Marking Change: Advanced Decorative Techniques


Students will explore six advanced decorative techniques using line, texture, and space to create rhythm & repetition. Students will create and decorate a set of three functional pottery pieces inspired by the concept of change.   

Mary Huynh


Reductive Linocut Print

Meaningful Mantras: Advanced Printmaking


Students will use line and space to explore unity/variety in an edition of prints inspired by a mantra or a personally important message.

Rhythm & Cycles: Alternative & Mixed Media Sculpture


Students will use volume and mass to explore rhythm & repetition in occupied and unoccupied space to create unity in an artwork inspired by the idea of cycles.

Haley Shelton


Mixed Media Sculpture

Zhibek Nurtaza


Graffiti Relief Sculpture

Personal Choice: Investigation & Creation 


Students will use personally selected elements & principles of art, techniques & processes to design and create an artwork inspired by a topic of their own choosing.