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Advanced Art 3 & 4 / AP 3D Studio Art


Advanced Art 1 & 2 and Teacher Approval


2 Semesters


About the Course

Advanced Art 3 &4 /AP 3D Studio Art is designed to help students continue their artistic journey as they develop a portfolio of work suitable for submission for AP credit, submission to art schools and universities, or to employers for internships/employment opportunities. This course requires a high level of individual motivation, work ethic, and focused engagement for students to be successful. Students should be prepared to spend time in and outside of class exploring, writing about, reviewing and creating artwork. Students in this course focus on investigating and solving visual problems creatively, generating high-quality meaningful artwork, reflecting on personal & others’ artwork, and participating constructively in critiques. Development and presentation of a final portfolio of work are required to pass this course. (Portfolio submission to the College Board for possible AP Credit is optional.)

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