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Advanced/AP3D Studio Art

Advanced/AP 3D Studio Art is designed to help students continue their artistic journey as they develop a portfolio of work suitable for submission for AP credit, submission to art schools and universities, or to employers for internships/employment opportunities. This course requires a high level of individual motivation, work ethic, and focused engagement for students to be successful. Students focus on solving visual problems creatively, generating high-quality meaningful artwork, reflecting on personal & others’ artwork, and participating constructively in critiques. Development and presentation of a final portfolio of work are required to pass this course.*

The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade of "C" or better in Ceramics 1-4.

Common Mistakes


  • You will complete 3 projects per quarter, 6 for each semester. You may do more if you choose. 6 is the minimum.

  • You should not recreate any of the examples that are given.

  • Your subject, interpretation, composition, and media should all be original and authentic.

  • Work will be more intensive in both rigor and meaning-making, and therefore more difficult and time consuming to produce.  Some of the problems will involve both working and reworking.

  • Higher level thinking/problem solving will factor heavily in this course. METACOGNITION—thinking about thinking will occur daily.

  • To allow for the higher level thinking, the art making pace, and the successful meeting of deadlines to occur, THERE MUST BE TIME SPENT WORKING ON ART OUTSIDE OF CLASS!

*Portfolio submission to the College Board for possible AP Credit is optional. 

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