Groundwork 4

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What do I need to know how to do, and why?

Processing through these challenges will help you understand the characteristics and abilities of your medium. Completing groundwork activities and skill builders continuously enhances your knowledge and helps you develop the essential skills to create your own artwork.  Deliberate practice helps you master those skills and makes you aware of issues before they become bigger problems in your final artwork.

Intro to Printmaking

1. Basic Printmaking Overview

Use the resources here to find answers to these questions & make notes in your sketchbook:

  • What is printmaking?

  • What is the difference between a print and an edition?

  • How were the earliest prints made?

  • How are prints made?

  • Describe how each of the four kinds of printmaking work.

  • How are prints labeled after printing?

Evidence of Learning:

  • Notes

  • 3 Practice Prints

2. Block Printing Practice

Use the resources here to find answers to these questions & make notes in your sketchbook:

  • What are the block printing rules?

  • What do you need to put on your print block to prepare it to receive your drawing transfer?

  • How do you transfer your drawing to the block?

  • Where should you ink your block?

  • How are the prints made?

  • What is required for proper cleanup of the print station?

Evidence of Learning:

  • Notes

  • Drawing

  • Carved Block

  • 2 Practice Prints



What skills/ strategies did you already know?​​ What was new?
What did you learn as a result of completing this groundwork?
What did you expect?  What surprised you?  

What went well for you?

What could you have done better? 
What do you conclude about using these processes & techniques? Why?
How will you use these skills/ strategies in the future?

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