Columbus North High School Art Department

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Ceramics & Sculpture

Students in Ceramics  & Sculpture create works of art in  a variety of media. Clay works  focus on using the processes of hand building, molding, and wheel throwing. They will decorate with slip, glaze, and carving.  Students will think about the results of their art in terms of design and ceramics made  throughout history and the world.  Students will find connections to other areas of study and explore career possibilities in the field of ceramics.

Ceramics 1

Students in Ceramics 1 will learn the basics of handbuilding as well as learning all about the physical properties of creating vessel forms with clay.

Students will learn techniques with pinch, coil, slab and introduction to the potter's wheel in this semester class. Form and design will be emphasized and students will learn the entire process of creating a clay vessel from workable plastic clay to a finished-fired glazed piece.  This class is for students wanting a introduction to creating artistic forms with clay.

Ceramics 2

Ceramics 2is for those students who are inteested in furthering their knowledge, creativity and tactile ability with clay forms. The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade of "C" or better  in Ceramics 1. Ceramics 2 will involve and demand a higher level of achievement and responsibility. Student's will learn to throw on the potter's whell as well as continuing to enahnce their handbuilding skills with various Ceramic techniques. Project responsibility and choice will be directed by the instructor


Ceramics 3

Students in Ceramics 3 course will explore clay, form and glazes more in depth than students in Ceramics 1 & 2. Students will be challenged to utilize their previous knowledge and skill when developing 3D vessel forms. Self critique, class projects and independent will also be inclusive within the teaching design of Ceramics 3. Everything from making clay to firing the kilns will be explored and in some cases experienced by the students. One of a kind as well as series of similar vessels will be a part of the class challenges.


Ceramics 4

This course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of creating pottery on the wheel. Students with previous throwing on the wheel experience can practice new techniques and emphasis will be placed on creating utilitarian (functional) forms on the wheel. Students will also be able to combine hand building techniques with their wheel thrown 3-D forms. Students will glaze their work and they will be fired into permanent stoneware pieces. Students will reflect upon the historical, cultural, contemporary, functional and progressive aspects of their wheel thrown ceramic forms. Career options in ceramics can also be explored.