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Visual Communications 2

Visual Communications 2 will continue to reinforce the concepts and skills taught in Visual Communications 1.   Again, students will utilize the Adobe Suite in order to create their work.  The focus for this class using the elements of design to create effective and aesthetically pleasing graphic designs.

Choose your own:

Look at the following 2 options. Choose one of them to complete. However, I want you to make it your own. 

Option 1: Use a photo that you've taken.  Add some kind of thought/word bubble and create your own meme. I will print it for you if you would like. You may have more than one person or animal in your meme.

Option 2: Consider what other image/texture you could place inside the empty head. Add a quote to your image - it can be serious or sarcastic. 

Option 3: Find your own tutorial or do something you've always wanted to try.  Run your idea by me first. 


Create your own meme.


Window to the soul .

Animation and Short Films

This assignment will be completed in progressive parts. You will first learn about character design and learn a few Illustrator tricks. You will use this knowledge to create your own character. You will sketch it on paper first, then upload it to your computer.  Finally, you will design a short film using this character and an original story line.  Each individual frame will be created separately in Illustrator or Photoshop and then exported into Premiere.  Add music and sound effects for a one-of-a-kind short film!

File > New Project > Set up like the photos
(Click on photo and it will open in a pop-up)
Export your file in the exact same way, and in numerical order. Any subtle change (space, underscore, etc. will be out of sequence in Premiere) 
CLICK the Use Artboards box!!!!!!!
At the end of the period, you need to SAVE your AI file as well as your last export. 

Importing to Premiere

File > New Project > Frames
File > Project Settings> Timecode
Change time to 1/4 of a second to start.  Add or subtract  time to get your timing correct. 


Education Posters: Cybersecurity

We have been commissioned by BCSC and Nick Williams to create 4 education posters regarding cybersecurity. These posters will appear throughout the corporation. 

You have been divided into 4 groups based on poster themes:

1. Phishing                      2. Strong Passwords

Abbey Landini                    Valeri Salcedo

Madi Stroud                       Fancy Parris

Dustin Oliver                      Hector Xique

Megan Waggoner              Tate McKenney

3. Social Engineering      4. Most Common Threats

Anna Holle                             Saanvikha Saravanan

David Walby                          Kaleb Middendorf

Edgardo Garcia                     Elvin Cesareo

Luis Yanez Cisneros             Jared Greene

                                               Sam Larken


Look at the poster examples provided.  Notice how some of them have a theme.  I have provided you with an Illustrator template. The template already has 2 layers. The graphic should be included in your poster in some way. However, you may change the size, opacity, location, repeat it, etc. You may not change the colors. The BCSC logo is also provided. You may or may not need to use it, but it is there for you to use. 

Determine what information needs to be included based on your theme. Start laying out the information so that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as user friendly. 

Mill Race Marathon Poster

Design a poster that will be used to advertise the Mill Race Marathon in Columbus.  The winning design will be given to each marathon participant and sold at the Expo.

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