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Advanced Art

Advanced art is for the serious, self-motivated student, who wants advanced studio time for creating 2-dimensional art.  Students in this class will be required to complete a minimum of 4 projects.  Special emphasis will be placed on creativity and creating original and authentic work.  Students will be expected to explore different media within the four projects. Also, students will need to stretch their past knowledge and step out of their comfort zone. For example, if a student excels at pencil portraits, the expectation would be that the student attempt a portrait in a new media (acrylic paint, ink, etc.) or a different subject matter.


This course may be taken multiple times.




  • See what other students are doing that are Scholastic Art Winners

  • Remember, you should use this as inspiration and motivation to try new media.  You should not try to replicate any work you've seen!



  • You will complete 3 projects per quarter, 6 for the semester. You may do more if you choose. 3 is the minimum.

  • 1 painting (acrylic, oil, or watercolor)

  • 1 drawing (pencil, color pencil, pen & ink, pastel, charcoal, etc)

  • 1 choice: This could be mixed media, screen printing, combination of sculpture/paint, ink resist, etc.  You may do another drawing or painting, but it should be an expansion of your skills.  Try something new. 

You should not recreate any of the examples that are given. Your subject, interpretation, composition, and media should all be original and authentic.

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