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This course begins with the survey of photography history starting with its discovery and ending with present day digital techniques.  Students will learn about modern camera systems and digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop.  Taking and manipulating meaningful photographs will be the primary activity of this class. All assignments and experiences are designed to help students develop an appreciation for the photographic process and how the resultant images can affect us as individuals and a society.

Creative Photography


Projects & Concepts
What Makes a Good Photo


Students will learn how to critique photos and discuss what makes one successful.

Dramatic Portrait - Form


Students will complete a portrait while adjusting ISO and considering dramatic lighting to show form.

Playing with Speed - Movement


Students will complete two photos that show both fast and slow shutter speed, while considering movement.

What's the Focus? - Space

Students will complete a series of 5 photos that show with and without bokeh, while considering space, aperture and depth of field, which will then be edited using a photo filter.

Learning to Look - Unity

Students will create a unified grid of 25 photos that reflect the given color scheme, element or principle of design.

Portrait Mosaic - Rhythm

Students will create a black and white grid of 16 closeup photos of a person which will show rhythm.

Forced Perspective - Proportion

Students will create a photo that shows forced perspective by combining images of different proportions and considering perspective.

Mixed Media Self Portrait - Value


Students will create a mixed media self portrait by combining a portrait with photos of text and objects with different values and artistic filters.

Painting with Masks - Color

Students will create a colored photo inside of a black and white photo to give the illusion of a framed photo.

Double Exposure - Contrast


Students will create a portrait that uses the method of double exposure by combining multiple photos at different opacity levels to show contrast.

Surrealism - Texture

Students will create a photo that shows texture through combining and blending photos into a surreal scene.

Generations - Balance


Students will create a balanced portrait that shows one half of the face as a child and the other half as the parent by blending, painting and resizing.

Sketching a Photo - Line

Students will create a piece that shows half of a figure as a photograph and the other half as a line drawing by using the sketch filter.

Emotional Silhouette - Shape

Students will create a silhouette which shows either the negative or positive space as a solid color, and the opposite as a photo using the inverse.

Commercial Photo Shoot - Emphasis

Students will plan and carry out a commercial photo shoot. They will submit a series of 20 images that show emphasis, all with company logo and additional text. 

Additional Photography Resources
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