Ceramics &

Sculpture 1


Artworld Exploration - Understanding Artworlds 

Students will explore a variety of historic and contemporary artworks from around the world. 

Personal Aesthetic Exploration 

Students will explore personal preferences to create vision pages that reflect a personal aesthetic.

Natural World - Pinch Construction

Students will use line and color to explore emphasis & contrast to create a unique artwork inspired by the natural world using pinch techniques. 

Kath Girdler Engler (1951-2014)


Paper Pulp & Found Object Sculpture

Weathering Forces - Coil Construction

Students will use space, volume and mass to explore movement and balance to create a unique artwork inspired by weathering forces  using coil techniques.

Maryjane Carlson 

Tan Vase with Turquoise Throat

Coiled earthenware clay

Organic Objects - Soft Slab Construction


Students will use texture and light to explore rhythm and balance to create a unique artwork inspired by organic objects using soft slab techniques.

Nancy Monsebroten

Hosta Bowl

Soft slab textured porcelain bowl

Luke Swain

Mountain Rainy Night

Limited Edition Lino Print

Geometric Designs - Basic Printmaking


Students will use line and texture to explore contrast and variety to create a unique series of prints inspired by geometric shapes. 

Abstracted Forms - Basic Carving

Students will use space and form to explore balance and rhythm to create a unique artwork inspired by abstracted human forms or gestures.

Capucine Safir

Narrow Soul

Carved plaster sculpture

Intro to Potter's Wheel: Throwing


Students will learn the basics of wheel throwing and create two finished pieces with a focus on balance and form.

Columbus North High School Art Department

1400 25th Street, Columbus, IN 47201



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