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Students in Ceramics & Sculpture 1 will learn the basics of handbuilding as well as learning all about the physical properties of creating vessel forms with clay. Students will learn techniques with pinch, coil and slab in this semester class. Form and design will be emphasized and students will learn the entire process of creating a ceramic from workable plastic clay to a finished-fired glazed piece.

In addition, students will create quality sculptures and study issues concerning sculpting including design, art history, art criticism, and production.  Students will create geometric and organic sculptures using the subtractive and additive techniques of carving, modeling, construction, and assemblage using materials such as wire, paper mache pulp, soapstone and plaster. Students will think about the meaning of their work including its connection to art history. 

Ceramics &

Sculpture 1


Projects & Concepts
Natural World Project: Objects Inspired by Nature

Students will create a series of three artworks pinch pot using pinch and modeling techniques that show emphasis, contrast and pattern.

Kathleen Girdler Engler (1951-2014)


Paper Pulp & Found Object Sculpture

Coil Vessel - Movement & Space

Students will create two vessels using the coil method for construction. Their end result should show movement and space in the use and placement of the coils.

Slab Lidded Container - Form


Students will show form by creating a container with a lid. They will use the slab method to construct the piece. 

Slab Mold - Texture & Balance

Students will create create a clay mold which will then be used to create a textured cast of the inverse that shows symmetrical balance.

Small Stamp Printmaking - Rhythm & Line


Students will carve a linoleum stamp that will be used to print a pattern to show rhythm and line.

Plaster Radial Design - Balance & Rhythm

Students will create a design that will be carved into plaster in a radial fashion, showing rhythm and balance.