Ceramics &

Sculpture 1

Students in Ceramics 1 learn the basics of hand-building, and basic sculpture techniques, as well as learning all about the physical properties of creating forms with clay. Students learn techniques with pinch, coil, slab, and introductory potter's wheel techniques in this semester class. Students learn the entire process of creating a clay form from workable plastic clay to a finished-fired glazed piece.  This class is for students wanting an introduction to creating artistic three-dimensional forms.

Ceramic coral inspired vase


Artworld Exploration - Understanding Artworlds 

Students will explore a variety of historic and contemporary artworks from around the world. 

Personal Aesthetic Exploration 

Students will explore personal preferences to create vision pages that reflect a personal aesthetic.

Natural World - Pinch Construction

Students will use line and color to explore emphasis & contrast to create a unique artwork inspired by the natural world using pinch techniques. 

Kath Girdler Engler (1951-2014)


Paper Pulp & Found Object Sculpture

Coil Vessel.jpg
Weathering Forces - Coil Construction

Students will use space, volume and mass to explore movement and balance to create a unique artwork inspired by weathering forces  using coil techniques.

Maryjane Carlson 

Tan Vase with Turquoise Throat

Coiled earthenware clay

Soft Slab Bowl.jpg
Hosta Bowl.png
Organic Objects - Soft Slab Construction


Students will use texture and light to explore rhythm and balance to create a unique artwork inspired by organic objects using soft slab techniques.

Nancy Monsebroten

Hosta Bowl

Soft slab textured porcelain bowl

Linoleum printmaking

Luke Swain

Mountain Rainy Night

Limited Edition Lino Print

Geometric Designs - Basic Printmaking


Students will use line and texture to explore contrast and variety to create a unique series of prints inspired by geometric shapes. 

Abstracted Forms - Basic Carving

Students will use space and form to explore balance and rhythm to create a unique artwork inspired by abstracted human forms or gestures.


Capucine Safir

Narrow Soul

Carved plaster sculpture

Intro to Potter's Wheel: Throwing


Students will learn the basics of wheel throwing and create two finished pieces with a focus on balance and form.

RESOURCE: Potter's Wheel